The Family Staircase


Doors lead out from the Drawing Room, Dining Room and Kitchen into a narrow Hallway and a cantilevered stone staircase of remarkable modernity. It is a perfect example of Soane’s concern for function and dislike of ostentation. It can fairly be described as ‘minimalist’ and is like Soane’s own staircase in Lincolns Inn Fields. Like the main corridor leading from the North Door it is made of stone quarried at Painswick in the Cotswolds. The iron bannisters are painted in a French Grey much favoured by Soane. Originally the staircase was open down to the Cellar but the bottom section was partitioned off in 1960 when the horizontal sheets of mirror glass were inserted.

On the wall descending to the Cellar is a series of prints showing the evolution of Buckingham House into the present Buckingham Palace.